Cake Smash

Here is your offer to have an amazing, Memorable & Happy 1st Birthday for your little one.   

Hyatt Studios Cake Smash offer

Hyatt Studios Cake Smash story board 20" x 16" sample

     As Tring’s leading baby photographers we’d like to help you to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. Have you considered the; fun, thrill, excitement and truly stunning images created by your baby having their very first birthday with a ‘Cake Smash Photo Event’?

CALL NOW on 01442 824747 or Text ‘BABY CAKE’ to 82727

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And as a special birthday treat, the ‘Cake Smash Photo Event’ is just £70 – which includes; a professional photo session, LARGE FREE single image print and of course THE CAKE!

‘Cake Smash’ sessions are rapidly becoming a popular way of celebrating baby birthdays, in a unique and fun way, with baby (as well as everyone else!) really having the most amazing time – and of course the incredible images are captured professionally and forever.

Girls usually wear a tutu (we can provide one if you haven’t got one) and boys a pair of dungarees or jeans but whatever they wear know that it will get messy! It’s obviously a good idea to bring a spare outfit too and of course one for going home in. We’ll supply the towels and clean up facilities (although not all the children will actually ‘smash’ their cakes) Many will sit there and tuck in – which is absolutely fine! Each session is unique and will depend on your baby! But whatever their mood, temperament or personality, everyone gets to have fun! We provide a delicious giant cupcake or decorated sponge topped with lots of butter cream.. We have our cakes handmade by a local company and they are completely free from any artificial ingredients. Please tell us if your baby has any food allergies.

Cake Smash’ sessions are hugely popular – so book early to avoid disappointment. Book your appointment NOW for the week of your baby’s birthday (or a week or so either side is no problem).

Now .. what to have after the shoot … the cake smash photos are based on the Kids Club products with a few special offer collections. The Cake Smash story board, a 20″ x 16″ Block mount wall display,  being the one most parents opt for.  (as displayed on the right) .  Photos start at just £55 however most families opt for one of the special collections which start from £95.