Passport & Visa photos

How many times have you actually liked a photo booth type photo?  Well if you’re like most people not many. Here at Hyatt studios we take the hassle out of the process, and give you officially approved photos guaranteed.  Take the hassle out of all the regulations and have peace of mind that were doing it all the time and get results.  No more juggling the baby in the booth.  Photos are usually printed while you wait.

Passport photos for all countries, Europe, USA, and others.

Visa & citizenship photos for all countries,  India, USA etc.


call the studio 01442 824747

we take ID photos

Tuesday to Friday

 at 10AM & 4PM only


EU (3x4cm) and all British ID photos 4 for £10

All other (USA, India Visa etc 5x5cm) ID photos 2 for £15

Our Guarantee.

If your photos get rejected for any reason well will re shoot them totally free of charge.