Hints & Tips

What’s your style?

If you can do it – we’ll photograph it! Anything goes – standing, sitting, running, jumping, playing, posing, relaxing, hugging, kissing, laughing, smiling – real emotions and genuine laughter make beautiful photographs that burst with vitality. These are the photographs that will show you all as you really are, without the awkward poses or forced smiles.

What to wear

Smart casual suits fun, relaxed images; formal outfits are better suited to more stylized photographs.

Make sure that everyone is similarly dressed too, and stick to a colour theme. A white background is the current fashion – and in front of this, very light or very dark colours create stunning images.

Simple styles remain timeless and denim never goes out of fashion – but avoid busy patterns. They tend to stand out more than the person wearing them and have a tendency to clash not only with the clothes of other people in your portrait, but also with the decor of your home once the image is up on the wall.

Think about where your portrait will go

We will give you stunning images, presented in a range of classic and contemporary styles. You just need to decide where at home (or at work!) you want to show them off. How much room have you got? What is the decor like? We don’t know your home – you do – so help us create the portraits that will complement their surroundings.

The Family Portrait Experience

When you arrive, one of our team will go through exactly what you want to achieve from your family photographic shoot, then you’ll all go up to the studio – and the fun begins! We’ll shoot a range of pictures, in various poses, moods and styles. You will be with us for approximately 60 minutes.

After your portrait session, we’ll take a few minutes to talk you through the styles of portrait we can produce for you, and show you some examples. We will then arrange for you to come back within the next couple of weeks to view and select your pictures and choose the mount and frame. If you need any advice or guidance, we can help.

Alternatively, if you give us advance notice, we can arrange for an immediate viewing directly after your portrait session, for a small additional fee.

Your portraits will usually be ready within 6 to 8 weeks of ordering – we’ll let you know when you can come in and collect them.