Personal Profiles

With hundreds of social networking sites, as well as dating and business relationships springing up all over the internet, having a great profile picture has never been more important. Why? Because with so many millions on the web, it’s also never been easier for people to pass you by.

Equally, if you want to make a great first impression on printed marketing or PR material, a portrait that expresses some of your own unique style and personality – your own personal brand – is essential.

Our Personal Profile shoots involve a session in our studios or on location if you prefer – and unlike our super-speedy PR Shoot, this is an opportunity to explore your image a little deeper, try different outfits, poses and backgrounds and even have a full makeover beforehand too.

Talk to us about how you want to look and we’ll create a portrait that reflects the very best version of you and make sure that wherever people find you, they like what they see.